The Four Dimensions

By Acharya Sachidananda on 25-09-2015

The Baba was silent for some time. Then he said:“Much of the problems of humankind arise when those four yearnings are not satisfied in the individual or collective lives of people.” *Ref: GV 11 – four yearnings -the yearning for love, the yearning for acceptance, the yearning for dignity and the yearning for equality.“A family, a society, an economic system, a political order, a religion, a nation… all need to satisfy these deepest yearnings of the human heart if we are to find lasting peace and happiness in this world. Does Capitalism, Communism or Socialism satisfy these yearnings of the human hearts?” The Baba asked his disciple.“No, not at all guruji.” The attentive disciple answered. “So do you realize why our ‘revolutions’ fail?”“Yes guruji… Our revolutions do not take into account these basic yearnings of all human hearts. We focus merely on economic equality and political power”, Atma Prakash replied.“Love, acceptance, dignity and equality are attributes of a unitive divine consciousness. Such a consciousness will automatically transform us to be persons of love who will unconditionally accept ourselves and others…. “We will then be able to respect the dignity and uniqueness, not only of all human beings, but also of all living beings…. “We will also be able to treat others as our equals in the human family….“When there is within us a unitive divine consciousness, we will learn to treat all human beings as our brothers and sisters….“We are all children of God who is our eternally loving parent,” the Baba told his disciple. “We shall also discuss about the four dimensions of human personality today”, the Baba went on: “We all want to develop our personalities. ‘Personality’ has four important dimensions….. Hence, in order to develop an integrated personality we need to understand these various dimensions of human personality…“The first dimension of one’s personality is ‘physical’. It relates mostly to one’s body, health and appearance. The shape, size and colour of our body are mostly determined by our genes. We only need to maintain our bodies well in order to remain healthy… “A healthy body can be developed and maintained only through self-discipline in our habits. With good habits, the body becomes healthy. It will be an asset to us in our life-mission. A simple life in harmony with nature, eating simple and nourishing vegetarian food, getting up early, going to bed early, regular exercises and cleanliness are habits necessary to keep our bodies healthy and efficient. A healthy body is necessary for a healthy mind. If the body is sick and unhealthy, it will be difficult for us to concentrate our minds on anything. A healthy body is a prerequisite for the development of the other three dimensions of one’s personality….“The second dimension of one’s personality is 'mental'. The mind is superior to the body. It is the mind which controls the sense organs. ‘We are what we think’ said the Greek philosopher, Aristotle. The mind makes our sense organs indulge in right or wrong activities. A proper development of the mind is very important for using the powers of the physical body for higher purposes. It is the mind which makes or breaks our lives. It makes us educated, cultured, happy, peaceful and fruitful….“Correct application of the mind is the basis of success and fruitfulness in our lives. People become engineers, managers, doctors, businessmen, industrialists, administrators etc. based on their mental makeup. The mental dimension enables us to take care of our physical dimension and needs….“The third dimension is ‘Intellectual’. The mind, though superior to the senses, is capable of misleading us if not controlled by a higher power. This higher power is the ‘Intellect’. The “Intellect’ gives us the power of discrimination. It enables us to discriminate between good and evil. This ability of discrimination leads us to wisdom. A person with wisdom has a much better personality compared to a person with great knowledge but without the power of discrimination….“The fourth dimension of the personality is the ‘Spiritual’. This is the highest dimension in our personalities. It integrates the other three and gives them wholeness and leads them to holiness. The ‘Spiritual’ dimension has an eternal significance. It does not die with the body. It does not fade with the mind and intellect… It remains beyond time and space limitations. It ‘connects’ us to the eternal. It leads us to ‘moksha’, God-realization, that is the goal and purpose of life in this world…..“A unitive divine consciousness can dawn upon only on an integrated personality… Such an integrated personalities are essential for building a new Integrated World Order without which global peace will ever remain a mirage…..”Excerpts from Integral Revolution

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Acharya Sachidananda Bharathi

Swami Sachidananda Bharathi is an Indian Air Force officer turned spiritual guide and an apostle of peace and love. He is the patron of 'Indian Thoughts'. He represented India in the 'Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders' held under UNO, in 2000. He has founded Dharma Bharathi Mission.