The Farmer's Law

By Admin on 02-03-2010


One weekend, a lawyer from New York decided to go bird
hunting in Vermont. The lawyer drove off to Vermont and found a good hunting
spot, near a farm. The lawyer, saw a duck, shot it and watched it fall to the
ground on the other side of a barns fence. The lawyer, thinking to himself that
it's his bird, climbed the fence and retrieved the bird.

 Just as he got back
over, the farmer came to him and said, “Give me my bird.”

The lawyer said to him, “Your bird? No…no…no..; I shot
this bird….Its' mine.”

“It fell on my property and it belongs to me.” said the

“No,” said the lawyer. “I'm a lawyer, I will sue
you, you will lose and I will get the duck.”

“No”, said the farmer. “That is not how we do
things in Vermont; we use the three kicks rule.” “OK! How does that
work?” The lawyer asked the farmer.

“I kick you three times, as hard as I can; then you may kick
me as hard as you can three times and we keep going until one of us gives

“Agreed!” said the lawyer, “Let's go.”

 “I'll go first,”
said the farmer.

the farmer kicked the lawyer as hard as he can on his groin. And just as the
lawyer bent over in pain, the farmer kicked him right in his face. Now, just as
the lawyer thought, why he did get himself into the farmer's law, the farmer
kicked him on the stomach.

the lawyer got out from the agonizing pain, he said, “Okay, now it's my

 “No,” the farmer said, “I quit,
you can have the duck.”

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