The Elected in Independent India

By Acharya Sachidananda on 28-04-2017

‘Members of our Parliament and Legislative Assemblies are elected by us to provide leadership to the nation and the states, and to lay down policy guidelines as well as to frame Rules and Laws for nation-building….‘It has been found that the quality and caliber of MPs and MLAs in Independent India have been declining rapidly. There is an urgent need for improving the quality, caliber and performance of these elected representatives if they are to help us build a great new India free from the evils of hunger, caste and corruption….‘But let us not forget the fact that our MPs and MLAs are elected by us. We tend to support those who are like us, and elect those who can help us to get things done by hook or by crook. Hence, the character and caliber of the MPs and MLAs actually reflect the character and caliber of the electing public. This means we need to improve the character and caliber of our people. This is an educational task……‘However, it is also necessary to have certain minimum parameters for a citizen to become a MP or MLA. The five minimum parameters suggested by me for MPs and MLAs in India under the ENP will be: 1. ‘They should have proven social service record with integrity of character, 2. ‘They should be men and women with simplicity of life, devotion to duty and commitment to non- violence, 3. ‘They should possess good spiritual, mental and physical health and should be preferably below 65 years of age, 4. ‘They should be committed to attend a minimum of 85% of Parliament or Assembly Sessions, as the case may be, and their term of office should be limited to only two tenures, unless they prove to be very selflessly committed to the nation and are found to be useful to the mission of nation-building, and 5. ‘They should possess the ability to communicate effectively in the state language and should have working knowledge of Hindi and English…..‘Here also, these parameters are only indicative. What is important is that we should have competent leaders with strength of character, courage of conviction and hard working spirit. We have to ensure that we vote only for such candidates who meet these minimum qualifying parameters. It is very essential that all citizens, especially the eligible youth in India, exercise their voting rights carefully……‘It has been found that the educated elite in India often tend to refrain from casting their votes. But they also complain the most about political corruption and governmental apathy… “The ultimate tragedy of mankind is not the brutality of the few, but the silence of the many”, pointed out the great American civil rights activist and winner of Nobel Peace Prize, Martin Luther King Jr. … This is also the tragedy of India’.The Baba stopped for a while and closed his eyes… 

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Acharya Sachidananda Bharathi

Swami Sachidananda Bharathi is an Indian Air Force officer turned spiritual guide and an apostle of peace and love. He is the patron of 'Indian Thoughts'. He represented India in the 'Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders' held under UNO, in 2000. He has founded Dharma Bharathi Mission.