The Dolphin and the Dog

By Admin on 18-01-2008

Every time his master went out to the sea for fishing, the dog also accompanied
the master. 

At a particular
place in the sea, a dolphin used to show its head up. Gradually the dog and
the dolphin became very good friends. That time the dog told the dolphin that
his master is planning to hunt dolphins too. 

The dolphin spoke,
“Haven’t you heard of the tree story? A boy used to play under the shade of a
tree. The tree asked the boy to play on its’ branches. The boy did so. When he
became tired the tree asked the boy to sit under its shade and rest. When the
boy grew older and his family ran short of food, the tree allowed the boy to
pull down its branches and eat all the fruits. When the boy grew into a man he
came to the tree and told it that he could become very successful in his life.
He told the tree that he has an ambition to go around the world to visit
places. The tree asked the man to cut its trunk and make a boat. The man did
so and went out for the voyage.

When he became
very old, he came back to the old place. The tree stump identified its old
companion. It had not but recovered from the time it had been cut down. 
tree spoke, “I am sorry. This time I haven’t a trunk for you to climb or fruit
for you to eat. I haven’t a shade either.”
 The old man said, “It’s fine. The
roots are the best place to lie on, snuggle up and sleep after a long life…..” 

The dog was
anxiously hearing the dolphin story. The dolphin continued, “The whole of plant
kingdom behaves as if their very purpose is satisfying others. When plants
evolved into animals, they got better ‘thinking’ and thought of protecting
themselves, still happy to be served. When animals further evolved into humans,
people got an ability to think that they are thinking. Cruelty became their
very hallmark. They love plants but have no ‘flower spirit’ in them. So there
is nothing unnatural in their attitude to hunt friend and foe alike.”

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