Team Work

By indian-admin on 09-01-2018

The company had invited a consultant to review its workers because the work atmosphere had deteriorated to a degree that the workers were leaving and the customers were already beginning to notice it. 
After observing how people worked and having talked to many salespersons the consultant invited them all into the conference room. He looked at the people in front of him and said: 
– You remind me of a bedtime story my own mother used to tell me. It was a story of a father and his sons who kept quarrelling with each other no matter what the father did or said. So he decided that because they were not listening to his words, he would show them in a practical way how they were hurting themselves with their negative attitude. 
He asked the sons to bring him a bundle of sticks. The father put the big bundle in their hands and asked them to break it. 
No matter how hard they tried, the bundle did not break. Then the father opened the bundle and gave each of his sons a separate stick and asked them to try again. This time the sticks broke easily.
The father then said; “Think that you are like these sticks. If you stick together and assist one another, you are like a thick bundle of sticks that others cannot break. But if you are divided and separated from each other, you can be broken as easily as these sticks.”
The consultant continued:
– You may think negative attitude isn’t hurting you, but it causes your co-workers to leave their jobs. They spread the word of how they were treated.
It is in your best interest to start working together. If you cannot stop talking bad things about people behind their backs, just be certain you shall meet your own deeds in the future. You see: if you talk bad things about someone behind their back, everyone will realize you will probably do the same about them. No surprise then that they do not wish to work or be with you.

REFLECTION: If you have a negative attitude, may be you should make yourself a little bundle of sticks and keep it on your desk to remind yourself of the value of team work

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