Swami Yogeshwaranand Saraswati

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Yogeshwaranand Saraswati is considered one among the most learned yogis of the
20th century. He was born in 1887 to rich parents but lefty in
search of knowledge at a very tender age of 12. Later he grew up to be a great
exponent of yoga too. His search for self – realization was so intense that he
practiced tough yoga Sadhanas. Most of his youth life was on learning
Scriptures written in Sanskrit. He spent some time in the Himalayas too and
lived a perfect example of asceticism and renunciation.

search for a Guru ended up as he found Yogi Paramananda, Avadhoot Swami
Atmanand ji, a great ascetic who taught him to perfect shunya Samadhi in a
Himalayan cave near Gangotri. Later he studied further yogic techniques of
meditation from different Masters whom he happened to meet. By constant and
dedicated practice of meditation he experienced various types of Samadhi. Some
of his Samadhi lasted for several weeks. In the end, he used to wake up with
advanced knowledge of self-realization, secrets of cosmos and the objective of
human existence.

Throughout his
life, he was found to be imparting the great knowledge to all people without
any discrimination of caste or country. At the request of his guru, he wrote
down the esoteric knowledge, which used to pass from guru to disciple through
personal relationship and which sometimes required not only a whole lifetime,
but several lives, in a series of books.

Yogeshwarananda never accepted anything before he had experienced it himself.
He had very strong will power. A given word could not be broken. To him, it was
as well holy as a rule of life. He once said about himself: “I am as soft
as a flower, but as hard as a rock.” He taught Yoga in the traditional
way: rather by silence and concentration than by verbal teaching. On the basis
of his practice and the classical literature, he has devised about four hundred
asanas and sixty pranayamas, which have been explained in his book
“Bahiranga Yoga”. He established ashrams at Gangotri, at Uttarkashi,
at Rishikesh, in Delhi and at Pahalgam in Kashmir.

He breathed his
last on 23rd April 1985, at the age of ninety-nine.

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