Someone Has to Start Somewhere

By indian-admin on 30-11-2017

One day I went walking with a good acquaintance of mine. He is an upstanding gentleman with a director’s position in a large company. We sat down on one of the park benches to catch a few breaths. As we sat, my friend noticed that a young lady sitting on the bench opposite ours thoughtlessly threw onto the park footpath the little carton which had contained the powdered doughnuts she had just eaten.

He immediately stood up, went over to her, tipped his hat, and said, “Excuse me, please.” Then he bent down, picked up the carton and carried it to the trash bin.

The lady blushed, put the rest of her doughnuts in her carrying bag, stood up, and went on her way.

When my friend returned, somewhat irritated, he only said, “Somewhere, someone, sometime must start the process.

Joachim Wanke

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