Shadow of the Whip

By Admin on 03-03-2010

Zen Buddhism grew up to a distinct tradition among Buddhists.
Perhaps it would have developed from the vague but clear answers Buddha used to
give his disciples. The word Zen
originally came from Sanskrit and it meant ‘Dhyana’,
a state of no mind.

One day Buddha was
asked if there is God. He answered, ‘No’. The disciples were surprised to hear
the same Buddha answering another one who asked him, ‘Is there not God?’ This
time Buddha had answered ‘Yes’.  Buddha
was just sharing the hard core Indian concept that God is not a thing to say
‘yes, it exists’ or it is not a Power to be ignored, saying ‘no there isn’t’.

A philosopher asked
Buddha: “Without words, without silence, will you tell me the truth?”
The Buddha did not answer him but continued sitting quietly. The philosopher
then bowed and thanked the Buddha, saying, “With your loving kindness I
have cleared away my delusions and entered the true path.”

After the philosopher
had gone, his prime disciple Ananda asked Buddha what the philosopher had
attained. The Buddha commented, “A good horse runs even at the shadow of
the whip.” 

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