Scientific Discipline-4

By Dr. Dwaraka Nath on 03-02-2014

Spiritualism, if allowed to grow on the basis of its natural laws, that is to say if the seekers choose their disciplines rightly, in accord with their types, it will lead to explosive action in the field of religion. Krishna is in full accord with his own type. He does not deviate from his self-nature. So is Buddha and Mahavira too. For this reason Krishna’s life is crammed with action of a particular style. Not that Buddha lacks in action, his life is filled with different kind of action. Mahavira keeps moving from village to village for a full forty years. It is true that he does not take part in war, he engages himself in a higher kind of war, waged on a different level. Buddha does not play a flute, but his discourses resound with a note that is different from that of flute. It does not make a difference because Buddha is fully established in his own self-nature. He has found his authentic being at its highest. Krishna has found his sublime reality, his truth, and he is complete and contented. But their followers are often erring in discovering their own authentic true self-nature, they become confused. To find our intrinsic nature is of the highest in spiritualism. And I repeat Krishna’s words: “It is better to perish in one’s self-nature than to accept another’s, which is perilous.”
Now the core question arises, “How can we know our own distinctive type?”
It is not that difficult to know one’s type. One way is to remember this simple maxim: that which attracts us is not our type; it is the opposite of our own nature, because the opposite attracts. So beware of opposite, reflect for a while on it and know that is not your cup of tea. It seems paradoxical and difficult too, to understand that what repels you is your type. How a man does know he is a man? Another man does not attract him, while a woman does. Same goes with the women, women are attracted towards men. So if we take it for one rule: we are not what attract us, but we are its opposite. We are really that which repels us. It is really arduous to figure out this paradox, but life is paradoxical. It is difficult to believe that what we detest and condemn, what we want to avoid, keeping at arm’s length, is invariably our own thing. It is within us. I mean to say that as a first step of knowing our true self, it is almost always our opposite that seems inviting of us. So beware of it and know that it is not our type. 
Let us contemplate on many things of our life we are attracted to and also the things we are not. We will understand the basic of it. Further we shall go deeper and other methods of finding our self-nature. 

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Dr. Dwaraka Nath

Dr. Dwaraka Nath, who took his doctorate from Mangalore University in 2007 is a qualified healer in Naturopathy and Yogic sciences. The insatiable fire within, to exploit the good old Indian preventive health care strategies to its full, ended up in Mitran Foundation, dedicated to humanity.