Remaining Unperturbed- 02

By Dr. Dwaraka Nath on 04-08-2014

Krishna is not asking us to kill our sensitivity. On the contrarily, he wants us to heighten our sensitivity to its utmost, so it becomes total. Krishna stands for sensitivity, and total sensitivity at that.  Let us understand it in another way. What is meant by total sensitivity? This needs to be understood in depth. We divide everything in our life, and this is not the right thing to do. Life is really indivisible. When we say to someone “I love you,” the statement is linguistically correct, but existentially it is all wrong. When we are in love with someone we really become the love itself in respect to that person. Then we are wholly love, that means no part of our being remains outside of love. Even if there is a fragment in us that knows or says I am in love, it means we are not totally in love. And if we are partially in love we are not in love at all. 
Love cannot be fragmentary, partial at all. Either we love or we don’t. Fragmented is incomplete. Since we fragment everything, it is our problem and is our misery. When someone says he is happy, know well that his happiness is not complete. Happiness might have visited him with or without his knowledge and he might have been really happy in that split second. But the moment he comes to know he is happy, is the moment when his happiness has left him. Who is the one who knows he is happy? It is certainly the unhappy part of his being which knows and recognizes happiness. If a person is integrated and total in himself, then there will be no one to know or say that he is happy or unhappy. Then he will not be happy, he will be happiness itself. Then and only then his sensitivity will be at its highest, at its peak. 
In such a state of total sensitivity, every fiber of my being, my total being will be happy or unhappy, loving or hating, quiet or restless. Then there will be no one disturbed about it, or even to know it. If I am totally in happiness or unhappiness, if I am happiness or unhappiness itself, then I don’t evaluate it or compare it. I don’t identify myself with it or condemn it. I don’t cling to it or resist it. Then I don’t even name it. When sensitivity is total, the question of being agitated or disturbed does not arise. Let us contemplate on this … 

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Dr. Dwaraka Nath

Dr. Dwaraka Nath, who took his doctorate from Mangalore University in 2007 is a qualified healer in Naturopathy and Yogic sciences. The insatiable fire within, to exploit the good old Indian preventive health care strategies to its full, ended up in Mitran Foundation, dedicated to humanity.