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By Acharya Sachidananda on 06-11-2015

Today I will share with you the ‘foundational principles’ upon which this Ashram-gurukul itself is built.’ The Baba began with this opening remarks during the next session.‘I have laid down seven foundational principles for this Ashram from the very beginning. I live by it. Mataji lives by it. All members of this Ashram try to practice them. These foundational principles help us grow and live in the unitive divine consciousness. Hence, I think it will be very useful for you in your own quest for growing in the unitive divine consciousness.’ The Baba told Atma Prakash.‘Please tell me about them guruji’ Atma Prakash requested his guruji.‘Our Ashram is named ‘Navasrushti Ashram’. The word ‘navasrushti’ means a new creation. It also implies a growth from divisive human consciousness to unitive divine consciousness…. ‘Unitive divine consciousness’ in the context of our Ashram implies the consciousness of our inherent unity and divinity as children of God created in His own image and likeness. It will enable us to see the whole humanity and all living beings, and also the whole creation, as one large family bound with a common destiny. It will also inspire us to accept the various religions and nations in the world as smaller families within the larger human family…. ‘A unitive divine consciousness is the true and abiding basis of a healthy, happy, harmonious and fruitful life in this world. It is also the strongest foundation for sustainable human development and lasting global peace…. ‘Navasrushti Ashram’ has been my prayerful initiative to create a community of men and women who will be fully committed to the mission of living a unitive divine consciousness and promoting it among people of all categories in order to build a culture of abiding peace in the present conflict-ridden world… ‘The vision and mission of this Ashram are based on the seven foundational principles. These foundational principles are: 1. The One Ultimate Reality, God, is the Supreme Spirit that permeates the whole creation, and is above and beyond all religions and scriptures of humankind. 2. Human beings are children of God created in His own image and likeness, and are called to be ‘sovereign spiritual persons’ of love, peace, freedom and joy, embodying the unitive divine consciousness of their inherent unity and divinity. 3. All religions and their scriptures are only meant to help human beings to discover and unfold their inherent unity and divinity, and to grow from the present divisive human consciousness to a unitive divine consciousness.  4. The unitive divine consciousness that had found its best historical expression in, with and through Sadguru Jesus Christ is the perfection to which all human beings are called to grow as sovereign spiritual persons. 5. Our vision is the ‘kingdom of God’  of love, unity, peace and joy on earth.  6. Our mission is to work tirelessly, fearlessly and prayerfully for promoting a unitive divine consciousness in the present conflict-ridden world by following the path of forgiving, enduring and self-sacrificing love as taught to the world by Sadguru Jesus Christ.  7. Holistic health of body, mind and spirit, and a life lived in harmony with nature are the prerequisites, and also the fruits, of a unitive divine consciousness……‘All men and women who accept these seven foundational principles and are prepared to live a life based on them are accepted and initiated by me as members of our Ashram irrespective of their cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds. I am responsible to accept and initiate aspiring members after the necessary orientations…. ‘Members are being initiated as ‘Sadhaks’, ‘Sevaks’, ‘Acharyas’ or ‘Sanyasins’ depending upon their age and level of spiritual maturity. Initiated members can be resident or visiting members of the Ashram. We have a good number of visiting members….‘All members of the Ashram are required to adhere to the five-point rule of life, the ‘Pancha nishta’ that we had discussed during our last session…. ‘These foundational principles are also the foundational principles for a divine life on earth. You can adopt them and make them your own… for the fruitfulness of your own life and mission’ the Baba concluded.‘Thank you guruji….. I will’ Atma Prakash promised.The Baba closed his eyes and went into meditation.Atma Prakash bowed low and got up.He went for a long walk in the forest.
Excerpts from Integral Revolution

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