Possessing God

By Dr. Sunil Ji Garg on 11-01-2018

He is an old man in the category of super senior citizens. He often comes to our house while on his way back from his morning walk. I often chat with him regarding various contemporary issues. During one such discussion he asked me the source of idols of Lord Krishna which I use while decorating the “Janmashtami Jhanki” at my place. I told my readers earlier that since last many years I do a special decoration at my home on the festival of Janmashtami, which is celebrated to mark the birthday of Lord Krishna. Anyway, to his question my answer was – “I purchase that from local markets and they are made of earthen clay and are painted quite decently”. He replied that his son wants it and he won‟t buy such cheap things, he wants some really good and costlier ones.

I do not know why but the ‘cheap’ comment somehow was not easy to digest for me, especially for the icons of Lord Krishna, which I decorate every year with full passion and devotion. I replied, “Sir! I do not know if your son wants to possess God or be possessed by the God”. I told him many places where the so called costlier Gods are available. He was looking for someone, who could come to their house, show him some costly statues and then sell him God. I did not reacted much beyond this point as discussion would have lead to a different direction. After his departure, I kept on thinking further. This is some kind of reality we see all around. We see rich temples and ordinary temples. Many people make beelines outside rich temples, as they believe that God there will probably be more resourceful and will help them get out of their problems much more easily. Frankly! I have debated this many times with myself, if I am an atheist or a typical Indian believer in God. When I analyse, I find that the belief system has been imbibed inside me since childhood and as I grew up, I started knowing about many alternate theories and beliefs regarding the concept of Deities.

More I studied, more I started respecting all the base concepts. Still the concept of valuing the belief system directly in terms of money was not seen by me in any of the basic belief systems. All the documented belief systems had the element of using the fear of unknown, using the trust factor to tap our emotions, using demonstrations of some kind of miracles, super natural story narrations, but not a direct connection of wealth and financial aspects was found in these systems. But what I see in reality is that the financial aspect has taken over every kind of belief and trust systems. At this moment, I can only wish that with time some self corrections will come and a much more rational belief system will evolve. More than this even the law doesn’t permit me to write as I am not supposed to hurt anyone‟s sentiment regarding his belief. These days the word ‘sentiment’ seems to have changed its meaning itself. Till then, keep possessing Gods. God doesn’t need to possess you.

About The Author

Dr. Sunil Ji Garg

Dr. Sunil Ji Garg, presently Managing Director of Sunmitra Education, Lucknow, is a holistic healer, writer, social activist, scientist and individuality development trainer, who is noted for his commendable contributions in Data-Communication, Software Engineering and Multimedia.