Poor in Spirit

By Admin on 12-04-2017

During the Great Depression in America, a government agency had the task of travelling through backward mountain areas, in search of poor farmers, to whom they gave some grant of money for the purchase of seed, or repairing their homes. One agent came upon an old woman living in a shack. It had no floor. Several windows were broken and covered over with tar paper. The old woman had but the basic essentials, and was just barely scratching out a living on a miserable plot of land.The agent said to her, “If the government gave you $200, what would you do with it?” Her instant answer was: “I’d give it to the poor.” 
It is a mistake for a religious to think of money as riches. In spite of the lack of it this good woman does not consider herself poor. Millions of good people are really rich, while having little money. On the other hand, one could have plenty of money, and be really poor.

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