Pessimist / Optimist  

By Kaimlet on 24-08-2017

In a city suburb there were two little lads, one an optimist and the other a pessimist. Their friends joined together to lock them in two rooms – a room full of toys for the pessimist and a room full of manure from the farmyard for the optimist.

An hour later they went back to see how they were doing. First they looked into the room of the pessimist. He was sitting on the floor in the middle of all the toys crying, because there was no drum. They went across the corridor to the other room full of manure where the optimist was. He didn’t even hear them opening the door. His eyes were popping out with excitement and he had a little shovel. “What are you doing?” they asked. “Quiet!” he responded, “With all this manure there’s got to be a pony somewhere here.”

Comment: Your happiness, and for that matter even your unhappiness, does not depend on the volume of your possessions. Socrates, they say, visited the weekly market without fail, but never purchased any thing. He was all the time looking for all the things he could do without. Desire, according to Gautama Buddha, is the cause of all unhappiness.

About The Author

Fr Jose Kaimlet

Fr Jose Kaimlet, is a catholic priest known all over the world mostly for his humanitarian service life and the big collection of thought provoking moral stories, ‘Tonic for the Spirit’. Kaimlet is a committed social worker, who has spent much of his time among the aged and the destitute far and wide. So far he has established many rehabilitation centres and old age homes. Since 2014, he is fully in Tanzania and now building a cancer hospital at Msolwa village in Ujamaa.