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By Acharya Sachidananda on 04-11-2016

‘Can you please tell me guruji how can we bring about the much-needed spiritual awakening and moral regeneration of humankind that can usher in a new Word Order and transform the world into a new creation?’ Atma Prakash asked the Baba. The Baba was silent for few minutes. Then he said: ‘Please remember, my son, our mission is to work for a culture of peace on earth with the wisdom and power of the Lord of light and love. This will in turn usher in a new creation, the ‘Kingdom of God’ on earth. It implies a global family built on the corner stones of love, unity, peace and joy. This will require a return to the grace and truth of God, which in turn will enable us to be deeply rooted in these eternal values of love, unity, peace and joy. In other words, we have to become the new creation ourselves first.…‘Religions are meant to be the custodians and promoters of spiritual principles and moral values that can lead us to a new creation, the Kingdom of God, individually and collectively….‘Spiritual and moral decay in a society, in a nation, and in the world, set in when the religions lose their spiritual vitality and moral strength…. ‘A spiritual awakening and moral regeneration of religions in the world are very essential in the mission of transforming the world into a new creation of love, unity, peace and joy. This mission has to begin with and from India..….‘India is called to be a ‘disciple nation’ of God. She has to become a land and light of truth and non-violence on earth. Only then will she be able to fulfill her destined divine mission in the world family of nations…..‘India is a deeply religious country. Art and architecture, music and dance… everything in India has religion as its basis. All major religions of the world have their living presence in India. Nothing in India grows unless it touches the religious sense of the Indian people. This was a truth pointed out by Swami Vivekananda, the great patriot-saint of India. This was also the truth applied effectively by Mahatma Gandhi in India’s struggle for political freedom…‘In the multi-religious context of India and the world, my son, no mission for a culture of peace can ever succeed without inter-religious cooperation…..‘A spiritual awakening and moral regeneration of India is not only essential for ushering a new creation of love, unity, peace and joy on earth, but also for the very survival of this nation as a living force….‘The spiritual awakening and moral regeneration that we speak about is also a prerequisite for any great nation-building mission in India. But this is not a task for political parties and governmental agencies. It is a religious mission, an inter-religious mission to be specific. Religions in India will have to join hands in this great nation-building mission of the third millennium….‘Today most of our religions have lost their spiritual vitality and moral strength. Hence, religions as they are today cannot help us to bring about the much-needed spiritual awakening and moral regeneration of India….‘Our mission cannot be accomplished by the pujaris, moulavis, priests and grandhis and such other religious leaders who normally depend on their religions for their livelihood. They will not think or act against their own vested interests. They also will not think above the interests of their own religions. In fact, many of the conflicts and tensions among religions are created by them.… ‘Religions exist just one step ahead of the divisive individual ego consciousness. They exist at the level of collective or sectarian consciousness. They also often struggle against, oppose and try to prevent the evolutionary growth of human consciousness to higher universal and divine levels. That is why prophets are persecuted….. That was why Christ was crucified… That was why Gandhi was shot.…‘Let us remember that, as Dr. Albert Einstein had said, the solution for a problem cannot be found at the same level of thinking that had created the problem in the first place… This fact calls us to raise our level of thinking from the sectarian religiosity to a spirituality of inter-religious unity and harmony… to raise our consciousness from the divisive to the unitive, from the sectarian to the universal….‘We will also require a new kind of leadership for this inter-religious spiritual mission. It is here that we find the great relevance and urgent need of ‘sovereign spiritual persons’ who can transcend the barriers and limitations of their own religions, and see the whole world as one large family bound with a common destiny. We have to begin our mission with our own motherland..’ The Baba stopped for a while and looked at Atma Prakash. ‘Are you with me, my son?’ he asked‘Yes, of course guruji. You make things quite clear’ answered Atma Prakash.The Baba continued… ‘This will also mean that the much-needed spiritual awakening and moral regeneration of India has to begin with a spiritual wakening and moral regeneration of religions in India’… the Baba said and looked at his disciple.‘But how can we help religions in this process?’ asked Atma Prakash.‘I have given a considerable amount of thought on this most important task of the era…‘Bringing the religions together on a common nation-building platform is the first step….‘As we had seen, the late Philosopher-President of our country, Dr. Sarveppalli Radhakrishnan, after a deep study of religions, had pointed out that religions cannot come together based on a common code, creed or cult. He was convinced that they can only come together based on an inclusive vision and a shared mission with a comprehensive action plan. I fully agree with this view of Dr. Radhakrishnan….‘I have over the years developed an inclusive vision and a shared mission for bringing together the religions in India for a spiritual awakening and moral regeneration of themselves and the nation. I have also developed a comprehensive action plan consisting of two simple programmes for helping them to realize their common vision and mission. I do not claim that I have anything perfect to offer. But I do claim that I have something to offer that works well in the present context of our country.’ The Baba said.

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Acharya Sachidananda Bharathi

Swami Sachidananda Bharathi is an Indian Air Force officer turned spiritual guide and an apostle of peace and love. He is the patron of 'Indian Thoughts'. He represented India in the 'Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders' held under UNO, in 2000. He has founded Dharma Bharathi Mission.