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One sunny summer day four rabbis are having a discussion on some part of the Torah. Three agree on one explanation but the fourth one differs. Being tired of this conversation he raises his arms and says, “God, give me a sign to prove that I’m right!”

Suddenly, thunder clouds appear out of nowhere and cover the sky. The three other rabbis think for a while and say, “Nah, that’s just a coincidence”

So, the dissenting rabbi raises his hands again and screams, “God, please give these thickheads more proof that I’m right!”

Suddenly, a thunderbolt strikes a tree just in front of them but three rabbis say, “Well, there’s always lightning coming with thunder, it still must be a coincidence.”

So, the rabbi raises his hands for the third time and says, “Oh, God, they are so stupid but you know I’m right, please give them a sign even they would understand.”

Suddenly, a hole appears in the clouds right above them, bright light comes through it on to the ground and a thunder like voice from above says, “HE IS RIGHT!”

The other rabbis think for a while and then say, “Well, still it’s three against two…”

Comment: When one does not have an open mind, no amount of signs and proofs can help. He is doomed with his tunnel vision.

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