Nothing Happens by Chance

By indian-admin on 21-10-2017

President Theodore Roosevelt was very near sighted and always carried two pairs of glasses, one for short sight and the other long. While speaking in Milwaukee during his last political campaign, he was shot by a man named Shrenk. Roosevelt was hurt, but was able to finish his speech uninterrupted.

Later while a surgeon was examining his wound, he discovered that the steel spectacle case in his vest pocket had deflected the bullet from hitting his heart. “That is remarkable,” said the President, “I have always considered it a nuisance to carry two pairs of glasses, and especially those thick heavy ones I kept in the metal case. Yet God used it to save my life.”

Note: Stories of this kind abound in history. Nothing happens by chance and everything has a purpose. And the Divinely intended purpose is always “for the good.”

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