Look into Your Own Heart

By Admin on 26-04-2017

A young businessman began dating a charming young actress. The relationship progressed and developed until it reached the point when the businessman was considering the possibility of marrying the young woman. Being a very cautious businessman, he hired a private detective to check out the young actress, to ensure there weren’t any skeletons in her closet. The detective knew nothing of the relationship; in fact, he was just given the young woman’s name.  He did his work very thoroughly, and finally submitted the results of his investigations. It went something like this: “This is a very charming, honest, and upright lady. There seems to be but one blemish on her character. It appears that, of late, she has been keeping company with a young businessman of very doubtful character, and of questionable reputation”.“Hypocrite! First get rid of the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see the speck in your brother’s eye” (Matthew 7:5)Remember, when you point one finger at another, there are three fingers pointing at you. We are free to be whichever way choose to be, but we would expect our spouses to be real saints. The present culture is very liberal in its social outlook, nay, we should say it actively promotes all sorts of freedoms and promiscuity. Come election time they look for a “saint” with no taint of the slightest blemish. Hypocrites!

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