Little drops of water create the torrent

By indian-admin on 09-10-2017

Two strangers approached a Zen master with sorrow in their hearts. ‘We have done wrong. Our conscience is troubled. How do we wash away our guilt?” They told the Master.
The first man said, “I have committed a great crime.”
“What about you?” asked the Master to the other man. “I have done many wrong things, but they are all small.” Said the second man.
The Master reflected for a while before answering them and then told them, “You go and bring me a stone for each of your sins.”
After a while the first man returned struggling under the weight of a huge boulder, and deposited it at the feet of the Master. In the mean time the second man also came back carrying a bag of pebbles.
“Now take these stones and put them back where you found them.” Counseled the Master. Once again the first man shouldered the rock and staggered back to where he had found the rock. But the second man found the task impossible.
Then the wise man told them, “If one has committed a serious wrong, it lies like a heavy stone on his conscience. But when he is really sorry, he is forgiven the and the load is taken away. But if one commits small faults, and does not bother about his conscience, he is not likely to feel the burden of his guilt. That will gradually lead him to greater evil.”

Little wrongs, overlooked, can steadily lead us to grave ones, as little by little our conscience becomes calloused. Gradually we loose the strength and courage straighten up. Going wrong and then coming back straight is rather difficult.

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