Life and Message of Mohammed – 32

By Hon. Justice P K Shamsuddin on 14-10-2011

had great concern for all animate beings. He is said to have attended one sick
rooster for himself, rubbing it with his own hands. Once, Mohammed even advised
Aisha his wife to treat the camel ‘safely and gently…’ One of his
contemporaries has stated, “Mohammed gives as if he had no fear of want at
all.” He led an ascetic life. He slept on a bed of palm fiber. He never ate to
fill his stomach and all that he wanted was simple food. His dress also was
ascetic and he used a simple mantle to cover himself. Seeing his pitiful dress,
one of his companions actually gave him a new one. It was then that a man came
to him asking for something to shroud a dead and Mohammed immediately gave his
new robe without any reluctance. However, on special occasions he showed no
restriction in wearing his luxury robe from Yemen. He did not wear any slippers
until the Christian king of Abyssinia sent him some slippers together with a
red coat.

approached the prophet and invited the prophet’s attention towards the
traditions of the land and how he is away from them. Mohammed said,

of God is my capital; Reason is the root of my faith; Love is my foundation;
Enthusiasm is my style; Remembrance of God is my friend; Firmness is my
treasure; Sorrow is my tool; Patience is my mantle; Contentment is my reward;
Poverty is my pride; Devotion is my art; Conviction is my power; Truth is my
redeemer; Obedience is my sufficiency; Struggle is my manner; My pleasure is my

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