Life and Message of Mohammed – 20

By Hon. Justice P K Shamsuddin on 15-07-2011

Regarding Al Isra and Al Miraj, Muawiyah, who
assumed Caliphate after the death of Imam Ali said, “It was true vision from
God.” The other view is that Isra from Mecca to Jerusalem took place in body.
To confirm this, they point out that Mohammed related what he saw in the desert
during his travel, which was found to be correct. Some believe this travel to
Jerusalem was in body but his ascension to heaven was in soul. Yet others
believe that Isra and Miraj are in body. Let us go through the story, narrated
in the books of biography. Orientalist Dermingham relates the story as follows,
“In the middle of the solemn quiet night, when the night birds and the rambling
beasts were quiet, when the streams had stopped murmering, and no breezes
played, Mohammed was awakened by a voice crying, ‘Sleeper, awake’. Before him
stood angel Gabriel with radiant forehead, countenance as white as snow….in
garments sewn with pearls and embroidered in gold. Manifold rings of every
colour stood out from his body…..”

According to Dermingham, Mohammed was taken
off at a fantastical speed over the mountains of Mecca and spans of desert
towards north, mounted upon a horse called Al-Buraq, with human head and
eagle’s wings. Mohammed was stopped at the summit of Mount Sinai for prayer, at
the very place from where God had spoken to Moses. Mohammed was also stopped at
Bethlehem, where Jesus was born, before resuming their course in the air.  Mysterious voices attempted to divert the
prophet, but he was so wrapped up in his mission that he felt God alone has the
right to stop his speed. As they reached Jerusalem, Mohammed tethered Al-Buraq
and prayed on the reeds of the temple of Solomon with Abraham, Moses and Jesus.

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