Life and Message of Mohammed – 19

By Hon. Justice P K Shamsuddin on 08-07-2011

The news of attacks on his followers
troubled Mohammed. In spite of all his efforts, Mohammed could not win the
tribes of Tais to which he was virtually deported. The Meccans also knew about
this; they only intensified their attacks on Muslims. But this could not
dissuade Mohammed in anyway. He was on the noble mission granted to him as the
messenger of God. His uncle Abu Talib was very hostile to
Mohammed’s mission. He followed Mohammed, wherever he went and tried to
persuade people from listening to him; Mohammed however continued preaching to
the tribes who came to Mecca in pilgrimage. He visited the tribes of Kindah and
Kalb. However, they did not respond to his call. It was during this period, the
marriage of Aisha, the daughter of his favourite companion was announced. Due
to her young age, the marriage was postponed for three years.

It was also around this period that Al
Isra and Al Miraj took place. Mohammed was staying in the house of his cousin
Hind, daughter of Abu Talib, who is also known as Umm Hani. Hind related the
story as follows: “The prophet of God spent the night in my quarters. He spent
the night along with us and went to sleep. Just before dawn the prophet awoke
us and we all offered the prayers together”. At the end of the prayer, prophet
said, “Oh Umm Hani, I prayed with you in this prayer at night. Then I went to
Jerusalem and I prayed there and as I just finished praying with you the dawn
prayer”. Hani said, “Oh Prophet of God, do not tell this to people for they
will not believe you and harm you.”  Prophet said, “By God, I shall
tell them.” Prophet also said that he had experienced ascension to heaven where
he met the creator and various prophets.

There is a dispute among
religious scholars as to whether this experience of Al isra that is his travel
from the mosque of Mecca known as Masjidul Haram, to Al-Aqsa
Mosque, Jerusalem and his ascension to heaven is a physical experience or a
spiritual experience. Those who held the view that this could be a spiritual
experience relied on the report of Hind. They also have another report from
Aisha who stated that the body of Mohammed was on the bed.  They
are of opinion that God allowed him to travel by soul. 

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Hon. Justice P K Shamsuddin

Hon. Justice P K Shamsuddin (High Court of Kerala) is a great Gandhian and a noted humanitarian, who could successfully steer World Fellowship of Inter-religious Councils. His relentless efforts for inter religious harmony was awarded by HH Pope John Paul 2nd and Parliament of World Religions.