Life and Message of Mohammed – 18

By Hon. Justice P K Shamsuddin on 01-07-2011

After the
repudiation of the pact of boycott, Mohammed and his companions came out of
their hide outs. Mohammed resumed his call to Meccans and other tribes who used
to come to Mecca during the holy months. Meanwhile, two important events took
place. Abu Talib, who was protecting Mohammed all through
passed away. Another important tragic event was the death of his wife Khadeeja, who had been of great support
and was a great resource of love and affection.

In the meantime, Meccans intensified
their attack on Muslims and Mohammed. It was too much for the family of
Mohammed; his daughter Fatima could not stand this. She started crying;
Mohammed consoled her. When persecution became unbearable, Mohammed took a trip
to the tribes far away, still inviting people to the message of God. They not
only repudiated his call but also sent their servants to him who threw stones
at him and kept insulting him. Mohammed had to run away from there also and
took shelter near a wall which belonged to Uttah and Shaytah. Mohammed prayed,
“Oh! God, please consider my weakness and shortage of needs and the little
esteem people have of me. Oh! My most merciful God, you are the Lord of the
oppressed and you are my Lord, to whom would I leave my fate? ……. Your pleasure
alone is my objective. Under the light of your faith which illuminates darkness
and on which the world depends, I seek my refuge ….…. Pray that I may not be
the focus of your wrath and anger.”

Uttah and Shaitah watched Mohammed with
sympathy and compassion. They gave him food. Mohammed asked his religion and
country of origin. When Mohammed learned that they were from Nimveh and are
Christians, he asked “Are you then not from the city of righteous Joanna son of
Mathew?” Uttah and Shaitah were surprised to learn that Mohammed knew him.

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Hon. Justice P K Shamsuddin

Hon. Justice P K Shamsuddin (High Court of Kerala) is a great Gandhian and a noted humanitarian, who could successfully steer World Fellowship of Inter-religious Councils. His relentless efforts for inter religious harmony was awarded by HH Pope John Paul 2nd and Parliament of World Religions.