Learning to Fly

By Admin on 27-01-2008

Little Albert saw the cat sitting on the high branch of a tree in
the house compound. He cried, “Look Mummy, that cat is up on that big tree.”

His mom turned to him and said, “Nothing strange son, if you also
try, you might do more wonderful things in life.” She then told Albert the
story of a kite. 

“A kite was flying up in the air and down beside a farm house, it
saw a few chickens chuckling with their mother hen. In its’ usual silence, the
kite slid down and sat on a tree branch. It then turned to the chickens, just
to fix which one to prey. ‘What am I seeing?’ the kite exclaimed. Among the
chicken, it saw a little kite too. The kite watched for a while and confirmed
that it has the kite special wings and beaks. It did not understand why it was
still chuckling like the other chickens, instead of sneaking in the skies.

The kite flew to the little kite. Seeing the approaching kite, the
mother hen made a loud cry and in no time all the chickens except the little
kite hid under its’ wings. The little kite stayed back without any fear.

The big kite told the little kite that it belongs to the kite
family only. It also said that it can fly high like it.

 ‘Come on …try…try…’
the kite asked the little bird. The little bird tried to jump but failed.

‘Flutter your wings and jump up’, the big kite said. The kite kept
on encouraging the little kite and at last it could fly up.”

 Little Albert was eagerly
listening to the Kite story.

His Mom continued, looking at his curious eyes, “Always know your
strength and be prepared to try new things …. also never wait for a big kite to come and help. You will also
reach unimaginable heights.”


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