Krishna and Super-consciousness!

By Dr. Dwaraka Nath on 10-06-2013

There are two forms of Krishna: One is his oceanic form represents the universal consciousness or super-consciousness. His wave form represents Krishna the man who happened some five thousand years ago. Now an image, an icon of his wave form- Krishna the man – can be used to come in contact with his oceanic form, with Krishna consciousness. But when we will really come in contact with Krishna consciousness, the image, this symbol of Krishna will disappear and only the super- consciousness will remain with us. While it is true that his statue can be used for connecting with Krishna’s super-consciousness, if someone sees only visions of Krishna and does not experience his consciousness, then it is merely a case of mental projection and nothing else. Super consciousness does not happen by way of visions and images. It is pure consciousness without any shape or form. We associate Krishna’s name because a person loves Krishna and comes to this consciousness with the help of his image. Another person can come to it with the help of Buddha’s image; he can call it Buddha- consciousness. Names do not matter the real thing is the oceanic consciousness, which is without name and form. 
We can begin with the mind, but we have to go beyond the mind. The journey begins with the mind, and ends with the no-mind, cessation of the mind. It is significant to know that the mind is the world of words, forms and images, these constitutes the mind. And where forms and images disappear the mind disappears by itself. There is no way for the mind to exist with out words, forms and images. The moment the concrete world comes to an end, the mind itself comes to an end. Krishna- consciousness is attained only when the mind ceases to be; it is a state of no-mind.  
Whoever says he has encountered Krishna in his physical form alone without the consciousness, is a victim of mental projection. He is projecting his own mental images on the vast screen of universal consciousness and viewing the objective reality alone. Such visions are not a spiritual experience, they are wholly psychic. They are however very gratifying, a Krishna devotee is overjoyed to see visions of one he has been desiring to see all his life. But we must remember, it is only a kind of happiness, not bliss. Nor can we call it an experience of truth. An oceanic experience is everlasting, once it happens it is forever, and it wipes out all other experiences from our mind. It really wipes out the mind itself. One blessed with such an experience sees divine everywhere. They see divine in trees and rocks, in streams and rivers, in mountains and stars. But so far as projected visions are concerned, they appear and disappear, they never last. They are transient, momentary. Our soul will be fulfilled if we surrender on our own and become an instrument in the hands of existence, and that is the state of super- consciousness the ultimate Krishna consciousness. 
Let us understand Krishna to understand Gita! 

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Dr. Dwaraka Nath

Dr. Dwaraka Nath, who took his doctorate from Mangalore University in 2007 is a qualified healer in Naturopathy and Yogic sciences. The insatiable fire within, to exploit the good old Indian preventive health care strategies to its full, ended up in Mitran Foundation, dedicated to humanity.