Just One Thing

By Admin on 24-01-2008

A couple lived
in the city; both were working and had a decent earning. The lady but found it
difficult to organize the entire house works in that little space between an
evening and a morning. The husband always was found busy on his mobile and
never cared to help her at home. Life became so monotonous for the lady. It was
then that one of her friends told her about a ‘wonder course’ that could change
lives from disappointment to big measures of joy. She decided to attend the
course and took leave for a week and went out. 


The wife
returned after a week-long course and the husband noticed that she is happier,
more disciplined and is raising no complaints.
 The husband asked her the secret
of the change in her. He just wanted to know if the Rs. 3,000, spent for the
course was duly rewarded. “Just one thing,” she replied. The husband anxiously
kept waiting to hear what that one thing is. She continued, “Guruji told me
that my life does not change when my boss changes, when my friends change, when
my parents change, when my partner changes or when my company changes. He told
me that my life changes only when I change, when I go beyond my limiting
beliefs, when I realize that I am the only one responsible for my life.”
Is that all? Rupees 3,000 for repeating the same sentence, all the week?” The
husband asked with some disregard.
 “No. He also taught me how to become a human
being and live with a human animal!” The lady replied.

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