Is Religion Dying

By Dr. Sunil Ji Garg on 30-08-2017

Because of profession as a teacher and motivator, I keep talking to many people. One common thing I am noticing off late is that many people today have very shaky perception about the so called religious practices. A system of belief that was developed and nurtured for centuries is undergoing a replacement phase. Bombardment of conflicting information on social media has made things quite different. Today we see so many contrasting things on a day to day basis that even experienced people are getting confused and start doubting the faiths they have been carrying since long.
Sample these statements:
“Oh Mom, Please stop cleaning your worship place every day. It is just another almirah only. Do you clean your almirah every day. “
“I am sure every Godman will lend in jail very soon.”
“I achieved success solely due to my efforts. Papa! It has nothing to do with the fasts you were keeping on every Tuesday.”
Please do not be mistaken of these statements as coming from my family, but surely they sound quite familiar in our circles. Today forwarding pictures of deities on whatsapp may have increased, but the fact is that very few people retain them. I know that religion doesn’t mean deities, worship and rituals, but the way it has been projected in past few years did mean an undue expectation of blindness in context of faith. So! Finally this jinx is getting broken and people are opening their eyes. Unfortunately, the new things modern generation sees after opening eyes is also dark and jittery. I think that people
who can show light need to arrive. People like Jesus, Mahavir, Buddha, Nanak, Gandhi etc. need to arrive again in different casts this time. The current concept of religion may end in this century. The new concept may not be based on the theory of assuming an unknown creator. Even the concept of creation has to be created again.

About The Author

Dr. Sunil Ji Garg

Dr. Sunil Ji Garg, presently Managing Director of Sunmitra Education, Lucknow, is a holistic healer, writer, social activist, scientist and individuality development trainer, who is noted for his commendable contributions in Data-Communication, Software Engineering and Multimedia.