How to Pray Better!

By Admin on 15-09-2017

A young man crossed the desert and reached the monastery of Scelta. There he asked permission to attend the talks of the Abbot.

That afternoon the Abbot spoke about the importance of meditation, and went on to talk about the importance of silence. Finally when his talk was over, the Abbot asked the young man to help him build a road to the neighbouring village.

“But why?” asked the young man. “After all, isn’t most the important thing to pray?”

“Praying is important,” said the Abbot. “But you can pray even better, if you manage with your hands to find a way to communicate with your neighbour.”

Comment:  Prayer is important. But prayer without good works is dead. While calling on God for assistance, one should also lend a helping hand to his needy neighbour.

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