Hillside Ant

By Admin on 23-09-2017

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa always loved to speak through parables, the way people easily understand things. According to him, Brahman (God) is practically impossible for human minds to understand.  This he explained through a story of a father who sent his two boys to a preceptor to learn the Knowledge of Brahman. After a few years they returned.

Wanting to measure the depth of their knowledge of Brahman,their father first asked the older of the two boys,’My child, now tell me, what is the nature of Brahman?' The boy began to explain Brahman by reciting various texts from the Vedas. The father did not say anything. Then he asked the younger son the same question.  But the
boy remained silent and stood with eyes cast down. The father was pleased and said to him: My child, you have understood a little of Brahman. What It is cannot be expressed in words.

Sri Ramakrishna Parmahansa again used the parable of the ant and the sugar hill, just to explain the same thing. He said that there was an ant which went to a sugar hill. One grain filled its stomach. Taking another grain in its mouth it started homeward thinking, ‘Next time, I shall carry home the whole hill.' He said that it is the way shallow minds think of God.  They don’t know that Brahman is beyond ones capacity to express. He concluded saying that even big ants have a limit.

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