He Brews

By Admin on 15-02-2008

It is written ‘Thou shall not…..’, it is written…thou shall’…… these verses and
quotes every hour were too much for the young lady, who just had joined the

In the first few
days of the marriage, when she heard similar quotes from her husband, she thought
that it could be part of their occasional faith practices only. But when she
understood that it is all part of an ongoing process, she decided to fight it

The next day
morning, she refused to wake up and brew the usual bed coffee.

The man became
annoyed and told her that it is written…She turned to him and said, it is
clearly written in the Holy Bible that it is not her duty to do that. 

The man had not
ever read a similar verse. “Never!” he said. 

“Come and see.”
She took the Bible, opened it and asked him to read what is written. 

Seeing that the
man hasn’t spotted the relevant quote, she pointed out that meaningful word for
him ‘Hebrews’. 

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