Grappling with Life

By Swami Dr Snehananda Jyoti on 24-06-2010

is very short. It is like a bubble in a stream; it is there momentarily; we are
pilgrims at a way station with our luggage/belongings; our sojourn is brief;
even ninety or a hundred years pass quickly. We are sometimes in a little boat
buffetted and tossed about by storms in a turbulent ocean; but we do have
shining star/s in the sky beckoning us to the shore. We need to live each day
as if it is our last day. Spiritual guides have suggested that we look at our
life from the perspective of eternity; that we look at our whole life from the
last moments in our coffin. In our last moment if we were given a chance to
live our life all over again, how would we live? One who has not come to terms
with his/her own death and finality has not started really living. Morbid
introspection on death is not what is suggested, but a real grappling with life
in its own terms. We have to play the hands we are dealt; we have to bloom
where we are planted or happen to be. That is why changing what can be and
needs to be changed before it is too late is so very important. One is ever
ready for any eventuality. One has come to terms with one's past. One embraces
one's whole past; no unfinished business. One lives purposefully in the here
and now embracing and enjoying life fully with love, hope, and faith. One
experiences real calmness, serenity, inner peace.

a world of enormous stress, suffering, and pain caused by various diseases,
natural catastrophes, crimes, terrorism, human greed, power struggle for
domination, and wars, what is most needed is compassionate relating.
Understanding coming from empathic listening paves the way for compassionate
relating. We may not be able to provide material help or expertise; but there
is no one who will not be able to relate to another human being with love and
compassion. What the world needs most is compassionate relating so a great deal
of suffering caused by humans can be avoided. Training in compassionate
relating needs to be given priority in every school curriculum everywhere. 

About The Author

Swami Dr Snehananda Jyoti

Dr. John K Thekkedam (Swami Snehananda Jyoti) spent most of his life as a clinical psychologist in USA. He began his public life as a Jesuit priest. Quite attracted in distinct philosophies, he left the society and founded 'East West Awakening'.