Gospel of prosperity and wellness

By Acharya Sachidananda on 12-07-2017

‘The Americans, as we know, are very enterprising people. They are also very commercial-minded. They believe in the power of their dollar, their weapons and their economy. Whatever they get hold of will be transformed into means of power and wealth. They have managed to transform the Gospel of light and love of Sadguru Jesus Christ also into a ‘Gospel of prosperity and wellness’…..

‘Thus we have today a Christian faith that has gone through five major evolutionary phases. As a result it has become completely distorted.’ The Baba said. He stopped and looked at Atma Prakash who was all attention.

He then continued: ‘I believe, my son, the Christian faith will be able to rediscover its spiritual roots only during an ‘Indian phase’ that is yet to emerge. Christianity has to rediscover its Indian roots and rebuild itself on it. This is the spiritual task ahead of disciples of Sadguru Jesus Christ in India….

‘We are also included in this historic spiritual mission. Though we are not baptized Christians, we are also disciples of Sadguru Jesus Christ. We are trying to follow his path of forgiving, enduring and self-sacrificing love. We try to remain in communion with the living Spirit of Christ in, with and through the spirit of Sadguru Jesus Christ. We also believe in his Gospel of light and love. In fact, I personally believe that his Gospel of light and love will find its best spiritual expression in the Indian soil.’

The Baba stopped again, at looked into the eyes of his disciple.

Atma Prakash waited eagerly for his guruji to continue.

But the Baba only smiled…

It was very interesting to listen to this systematic analysis of the evolution of the Christian faith by his guruji. It made much sense.

Excerpts from Integral Revolution

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Acharya Sachidananda Bharathi

Swami Sachidananda Bharathi is an Indian Air Force officer turned spiritual guide and an apostle of peace and love. He is the patron of 'Indian Thoughts'. He represented India in the 'Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders' held under UNO, in 2000. He has founded Dharma Bharathi Mission.