Freedom at Home

By Hon. Justice P K Shamsuddin on 21-06-2013

Bad odor was always unbearable to Mohammed. Mohammed came to one of them. Hafsa asked him whether he had eaten Jofir. Mohammed replied, ”No, I have only consumed honey from the house of Saineb. Hereafter I will not drink it.” Souda, another wife of Mohammed also expressed the same opinion that bad odor emanated from Mohammed. That was part of the conspiracy entered into between Hafsa and Aisha. Mohammed replied, “No.” He said that Saineb had given some honey. Souda replied, “Oh she might have collected honey from the flowers of Gofir.” Sufia also said the same thing. Mohammed thereupon took oath that he would not consume honey thereafter. When Souda attempted to express regret, Aisha prevented her from doing it. 
Mohammed’s wives were taking such a liberty with him. It was Mohammed who gave women such freedom which they did not enjoy before. Once, Mohammed’s wife Hafsa went to her parent’s house. During that time Maria came to Hafsa’s house to see Mohammed and spent some time there. In the meanwhile Hafsa returned home and waited for the exit of Maria. Hafsa did not like the conduct of Maria. As Maria went out, Hafsa entered into the house filled with anger and said, “I saw one who was here. By God, you have humiliated me. If you had any consideration for me you would not have done it.” Finding the enormity of the anger in her face, Mohammed wanted to please her and told her that if she agreed not to disclose this event to anyone else he would not visit Maria hereafter. She agreed, but the jealousy that conquered her mind made it impossible for her to conceal this. She passed on this news to Aisha and Aisha made enquiry about this to Mohammed. Mohammed realized that Hafsa had violated her promise. He thought that she would pass this news to others also. There was nothing odd in the behavior of Mohammed in the incident mentioned above. However both Aisha and Hafsa entertained jealousy about the love and affection Mohammed had shown to Maria. Similarly, Saineb had a feeling that Mohammed was showing more affection and love towards Aisha. This behavior with wives pained Mohammed and he distanced himself from his wives for about a month. Nobody dared to ask him about this. In the meanwhile, he was trying to take the message of Islam beyond the Arabian Peninsula. However Abu Bekker and Umer, were worried about the fate which awaits their daughters. 

About The Author

Hon. Justice P K Shamsuddin

Hon. Justice P K Shamsuddin (High Court of Kerala) is a great Gandhian and a noted humanitarian, who could successfully steer World Fellowship of Inter-religious Councils. His relentless efforts for inter religious harmony was awarded by HH Pope John Paul 2nd and Parliament of World Religions.