Forgive the Aggressor

By Admin on 18-07-2017

One afternoon the, usually peaceful, monastery of Sceta found one monk offending another. Abbot Sisois advised the offended monk to forgive the aggressor.

“No way,” insisted the monk. “He did it on purpose, and he has to pay.”

At once Abbot Sisois raised up his hands and began to pray aloud, “My Jesus, we no longer need you. Now we are capable of making our aggressors pay for their offences. Now we can take vengeance in to our hands and look after good and evil. So you can leave us.”

Ashamed of his own behaviour, the monk pardoned his offending brother.


It is very noble to forgive those who offend us. To go a step further and to love them is sublime. The hard part is that it requires a noble soul. Of all the people, I should know how hard it is to have one.


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