Extreme Diplomacy

By Admin on 23-02-2008

The Ministry of External Affairs wanted to select the best person to represent
India in the United Nations. So the applicants were asked to present a sample
speech they would make in the General Assembly. The presentation given below
caught the attention of the selection board: 
“Before I start my talk I would
like to tell you something about Rishi Kashyap of Kashmir, after whom Kashmir
is named. When he struck a rock and it brought forth water, he thought it was a
good opportunity to have a bath. He removed his clothes, put them aside on the
rock and entered the water. When he got out and wanted to dress up, his clothes
had vanished. A Pakistani had stolen them. 
Then the Pakistani representative
would then jump up and say that the Pakistanis were not there at that time. I
would then smile and tell that I have made my point clear and so I would l
begin my speech now.
 “And they say Kashmir belongs to them….!” 
presentation was rejected on the ground that it might insult Pakistanis. The
candidate however got a chance and corrected it, ‘….when he got out and came to
take his dress, he saw a Pyjama, Kurtha and a Muslim top, instead of his
saffron dhoti. A Pakistani had replaced it.’

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