Ensuring the Minimum

By Dr. K S Radhakrishnan on 28-08-2017

The uncertainty and the resultant anxiety have to be either avoided or eliminated. Otherwise, nobody can lead a normal life. Fear Psychosis is one of the major diseases of our times. We are afraid of death, afraid of losing power, losing wealth, losing positions, losing fame …….. We are afraid of being attacked and getting defeated. If one is not able to remove
this fear psychosis, one cannot be happy, even if he/she possess wealth or fame to unlimited extend. Therefore, what we need at present is to find out an effective remedy to remove the fear psychosis.

It is at this point that one has to seek an alternative method of life practice. That method demands us to focus on the minimum each one requires to sustain one’s existence in space and time. That minimum can be ensured by the practice of ‘iham, uttra, artha, bhoga, vairagya’. This advises us to keep equal distance with pain and pleasure. Vairagya does not mean that one has to renounce everything that can be experienced by the sense organs and mind, it is humanly impossible
too. Since man is a spacio-temporal entity and since he has to depend on space and time to ensure his existence, he cannot renounce everything in space and time. He needs food, shelter, cloth etc. Vairagya does not mean the practice of compulsory starvation but it demands that one has to stick on to the minimum food, minimum shelter and everything that requires
to keep one’s existence on earth at the minimum.

Since nature never provides unlimited resources to satisfy the unending need and greed, then every individual, society and state has to limit oneself to the minimum. But today, the whole media with all their magnificent varieties of performances make us believe that it is possible to go to the unlimited extend. That is why we are thinking of an ambitious world. But
really, the world is incapable to satisfy human ambition. Therefore one has to control one’s own sense organs and mind.

About The Author

Dr. K S Radhakrishnan

Dr. K S Radhakrishnan (formerly Vice-Chancellor of Sri Sankaracharya University and Chairman, Kerala Public Service Commission) is a learned scholar who has been earnestly trying to revive the ancient knowledge in Indian culture. He worked as a lecturer early in his life and now lives an eloquent advocate of social and cultural causes.