Do not be Discouraged

By Admin on 05-04-2017

A ten year old boy was working in a factory in Naples, before present laws on child labor were put in place. His mother was convinced that he had a good singing voice, and by working in the factory he could earn money to pay for music lessons. His first music teacher, however, told him he did not have what it takes to be a musician, and it would be a waste of time and money to pursue the idea any further. The boy’s mother, a poor peasant woman was not so easily put off. She encouraged her son, she told him that she believed he had talent, and she even went bare-footed, rather than buy shoes, so as to save money for his music lessons. Her trust and sacrifices bore fruit, and her son, Enrico Caruso, became one of the world’s greatest tenors ever. Keep going and don’t leave before the miracle happens! The miracle happens for those who show God that they are serious about what they are seeking.

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