Dallas or Bust!

By Admin on 05-11-2016

There's a blonde sitting on an airplane when a gentleman walks up and
says “Excuse me, miss, but you are sitting in my seat.” 

The blonde responds, “I'm blond, I'm beautiful and I'm going to
Dallas!” and remains seated. 

The guy says, “But you are sitting in MY seat.  You need to
find your seat.” 

She once again says, “I'm blond, I'm beautiful and I'm going to
Dallas!” and doesn't budge. 

The man is perturbed and calls the flight attendant who also tries to
persuade the stubborn passenger to move to her own seat but to no avail. 
The flight attendant summons the pilot. 

The pilot walks over and whispers something in the blonde's ear.

Immediately, she jumps up and rushes to the other side of the plane.The
man and the flight attendant are amazed! The attendant says to the pilot,
“What did you say to her?  How did you get her to move?”

The pilot responded, “I simply told her that this side of the
plane wasn't going to Dallas!”

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