Count and Pray

By Admin on 29-09-2017

The thumb is nearest to you. So begin a prayer remembering those closest to you.

The next is index finger, the pointing finger. Remember all those who point their fingers at you; they could be teachers, doctors, parents and administrators. Pray for them.
The next finger is the tallest finger. Remember our leaders and authorities who shape the Nation and the Society, thus giving protection and a supporting environment. They need greater wisdom and more Divine support.
The next finger is the ring finger. This is our weakest finger; piano teachers know it. It reminds us of the weak; all those who need help and or are in some sort of trouble/pain. Pray for them.
There is the little finger left. It is the smallest of all; place ourselves there in relation with God and everything else. Put your own needs into proper perspective and be able to pray for yourself more effectively.

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