Champions of the Future

By Joseph Mattappally on 06-07-2011

I came across the success story of a young man who belonged to a family that
migrated from Kerala to Karnataka. He was neither well educated nor rich. In
1999, while he was waiting in the railway station for his passenger train to
come, he happened to see a few bones-thin mentally challenged persons fighting
with stray dogs, just for the leftovers of a railway station dustbin. He was
moved beyond words. The man, U C Paulose, decided to raise these mentally handicapped
and abandoned humans in an Ashram. He had almost nothing to begin with, except
his trust in the divine magnificence. Paulose, his wife and children began
caring the abandoned in the streets and gradually a thatched hut emerged; it
grew longer and slowly multiplied into a village, where God could not resist

Hebrew word Seon literally means ‘the realm of God’. Now, ‘Seon Ashram’, which
Mr. Paulose founded, supports a multitude of impoverished
& emotionally oppressed individuals, regardless of their belief, caste,
economic conditions or age. Now, Seon Trust dreams
include accommodating more than 500 psychiatric patients alone, developing
their Little Flower English Medium School to a full-fledged college and
finally, help all the orphans to settle down comfortably. Presently, Seon Ashram
and its 440 occupants are assisted by volunteers hailing from distinct
religions and various places. They are all united in the ‘love of God’. The ashram needs
about 15 lakh rupees a month to function;
God keeps helping them in the disguise of responsible donors and patrons. They all
talk about a transformation from heroes of yesterday to Champions of tomorrow. We
wish, Shri. Paulose and companions continue in the same enthusiasm and spirit,
rather than falling preys to the State, Union Government and other public
awards and honours that came along.

a few days back (3rd July 2011), I got a mail from a friend, who
belongs to the regular line of Seon promoters. His mail says that as monsoon
has stepped in, at Seon, they have great difficulty in cleaning and drying the
cloths of the inmates. According to him, unless their cloths are properly washed
and dried out, skin infections are possible. He says that thanks to a Bangalore
based company Seon Ashram could pay an advance amount of Rs.50,000/- and bring
to the Ashram, the proposed type of washing machine and dryer. It is clear that
they are looking out for somebody to help them for the remaining amount.

mercy is so programmed that it manifests on all who trust in Divine Providence;
the one who knows it experiences it. 

About The Author

Sri. Joseph Mattappally

Sri. Joseph Mattappally, Founder and Director of Indian Thoughts, is a writer and social worker. He is also a Reiki Master (RIRC Mumbai) and licensed Amateur Radio Operator ( VU2JIM). He has authored 'Success Secrets', a book detailing basic life management principles.