Better Alternative

By Dr. Sunil Ji Garg on 08-06-2016

Our film industry legend Mr. Amitabh Bachchan had narrated this incidence many times. Whenever he had any problems and wanted advice from his revered father Dr Harivansh Rai Bachchan, He always got the advice that, “If it happens according to your wish it is good and if it doesn’t happen the way you wanted, it is even better”. It took Amitabh some time to understand the magic behind this unusual advice. When things don’t go your way, then they are probably going the way things are destined to be happening. It is a good way of consoling oneself that destiny judges and controls the event of things better than we are able to control such things. Some people will say that continuous efforts and being passionate about certain actions can also change the course of destiny. I do agree, but with an over rider, that if prolonged efforts are filling us with negative thoughts, leaving things to destiny might give us a temporary relief. This relief helps us to recollect ourselves, change our strategies and then make new, much more vigorous efforts. Legends do fail. For a small period things are left for someone else to decide and then destiny itself provides a better pathways and alternatives to action takers. Alternatives do come in front of lazy people as well but most of the time they ignore alternatives and drop down their guns. So friends! Keep your guns filled, you will surely get more chances. 

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Dr. Sunil Ji Garg

Dr. Sunil Ji Garg, presently Managing Director of Sunmitra Education, Lucknow, is a holistic healer, writer, social activist, scientist and individuality development trainer, who is noted for his commendable contributions in Data-Communication, Software Engineering and Multimedia.