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By Admin on 31-12-2017

The year 2017 is over. We are entering into a brand New Year, 2018. It is time to look back into 2017 to find out for ourselves the value (worth) of our presence (life) in our home, in our neighbourhood, in our country and in the world, during the one long year. Can you make a list of all the positive contributions you have made in some of the above areas. If you cannot find a single one, your one year of life is insignificant. If you can find one item only, it is only an accident. If you can find two positive contributions, still it is only a coincidence. But if you can find three or more than three positive contributions, it is an attitude of yours. Then your positive contributions are a part of your character.
You are a person of great value to this world. Do you want the coming year 2018 for you to be a platinum year in your life? Then start to contribute positively, consciously and regularly in your home, society, country or the world. Hope to see you, the great personality at the end of year 2018.
The glorious year 2018 has bloomed up. We have evaluated ourselves by counting the positive contributions we have done during the past year. We found ourselves as great and worthy contributors to our family and society, the nation and the world. We are satisfied and happy about our achievements. But we want this 2018 to be a golden year in our life. For this, we will need to visualize a greater picture of ourselves as a target by the end of 2018. In other words, we have to set goals for ourselves in seven different areas such family relationships, social relationships, growth in Physical, intellectual, emotional, want to be in each of these areas. At the beginning of each month, keeping these goals in mind plan for activities that will lead us to our dreams for the year. At the beginning of each week, let us set goals for the week. Every morning just believe that we belong to platinum personality type. Let us go ahead consciously and really living the life as a platinum personality. By the end of the year, we will find that we had a golden year.

(The writer Shri. Jose Paul, veteran mathematics teacher from Delhi, who is a long time friend of Indian Thoughts has sent this New Year message).

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