Stories coming under the categories of Gems Hub and Folk’s Track - shown on behalf of Guests are true/moral stories from Indian Thoughts Archives. Indian Thoughts have a proud store of unpublished stories from around the world which are being published at a regular frequency.

The Janitor

Bill Holbrook, the janitor at the wealthiest church in town, ordered some cleaning supplies from the hardware store. When they arrived, the driver asked Bill to sign for them.  Bill went into the pastor's office and asked the pastor to sign for them. Puzzled, the pastor told Bill to sign for them. “I can't,” said Bill.  “I can't read or write.””Well,” replied the pastor, “I'm going to have to let you go, Bill. I'm sorry but we can't have a janitor that can't read or write.”Bill started walking home, wondering how he was going to tell his wife the bad news, when he reached for his pipe and found he had run out of tobacco.  He searched the neighbourhood looking for a tobacco shop but could find none. And then he got an idea.  When he got home, he told his wife he was going to open a tobacco shop.The venture was so successful that Bill soon opened another, and then another until in ten years he was opening his one hundredth tobacco shop.  A feature writer from USA Today came to interview Bill on this great occasion.  When she had finished the interview she asked Bill if he'd like to read over her notes. “Yes, I would like to”, said Bill “but I can't read or write.” “My Gosh”, said the young lady.  “You've accomplished so much.  Just imagine what you'd be if you could read and write!” “Yes,” smiled Bill.  “I'd be the janitor in a church.” When a person is determined and enterprising, nothing can block him, not even the apparent drawbacks.

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Preaching the Bible

A chaplain on a battlefield came across a young man who was lying in a shell hole, seriously wounded. “Would you like me to read you something from this book, the Bible?” he asked. “I’m so thirsty; I’d rather have a drink of water,” the soldier said. Hurrying away, the chaplain soon brought the water. Then the wounded man said, “could you put something under my head?”The chaplain took off his overcoat, rolled it up, and gently placed it under the man’s head for a pillow. “Now,” said the suffering man, “if I just had something over me – I’m cold”. The chaplain immediately removed his jacket and put it over the wounded man to keep him warm. Then the soldier looked the chaplain straight in the eye and said, “if there’s anything in that book that makes a man do for another all that you have done for me, then please read it, because I’d love to hear it.”
Comment: If my actions don’t speak of Gospel values, be sure my words never will. What affects people most is often caught rather than taught. “Actions are irrefutable.”

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Look into Your Own Heart

A young businessman began dating a charming young actress. The relationship progressed and developed until it reached the point when the businessman was considering the possibility of marrying the young woman. Being a very cautious businessman, he hired a private detective to check out the young actress, to ensure there weren’t any skeletons in her closet. The detective knew nothing of the relationship; in fact, he was just given the young woman’s name.  He did his work very thoroughly, and finally submitted the results of his investigations. It went something like this: “This is a very charming, honest, and upright lady. There seems to be but one blemish on her character. It appears that, of late, she has been keeping company with a young businessman of very doubtful character, and of questionable reputation”.“Hypocrite! First get rid of the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see the speck in your brother’s eye” (Matthew 7:5)Remember, when you point one finger at another, there are three fingers pointing at you. We are free to be whichever way choose to be, but we would expect our spouses to be real saints. The present culture is very liberal in its social outlook, nay, we should say it actively promotes all sorts of freedoms and promiscuity. Come election time they look for a “saint” with no taint of the slightest blemish. Hypocrites!

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Give as you receive from God

A wealthy man pondered Jesus’ teaching on giving and he was deeply depressed by the whole thing. He prayed and prayed that he might be able to accept the teaching, but the more he prayed, the sadder he became. One day, when he was near despair, an angel came to comfort him. “Why are you so sad?” the angel asked him. “I am sad,” the man replied, “because of my master’s teaching on giving. Does it mean that I have to give again and again, and again, without any let up?”“Oh no, not at all,” said the angel. “You have to give only as long as God gives to you. If God ever stops giving to you, then you won’t have to continue to give to others. God will continue to give to you – except in much greater abundance than you could ever give.” God gives me nothing just for myself. He doesn’t give me the gift of speech, for instance, to go around talking to myself.What comes down from God must go sideways to others – otherwise it stops coming – like the spring in the well. This applies to love, forgiveness, compassion, etc.

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Poor in Spirit

During the Great Depression in America, a government agency had the task of travelling through backward mountain areas, in search of poor farmers, to whom they gave some grant of money for the purchase of seed, or repairing their homes. One agent came upon an old woman living in a shack. It had no floor. Several windows were broken and covered over with tar paper. The old woman had but the basic essentials, and was just barely scratching out a living on a miserable plot of land.The agent said to her, “If the government gave you $200, what would you do with it?” Her instant answer was: “I’d give it to the poor.” 
It is a mistake for a religious to think of money as riches. In spite of the lack of it this good woman does not consider herself poor. Millions of good people are really rich, while having little money. On the other hand, one could have plenty of money, and be really poor.

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GH91 120417 How real is it?

One time a group of people came to Abraham Lincoln to discuss something that had been causing some trouble. Their arguments were not based on facts but on suppositions. After listening for a while, Lincoln asked, “How many legs would a sheep have, if you called its tail a leg?” “Five” was the reply.  “No,” said Lincoln, “it wouldn’t; it would only have four. Calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it one.” Our fears, likewise, many a time are based on suppositions and unrealistic assumptions rather than on facts.

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Do not be Discouraged

A ten year old boy was working in a factory in Naples, before present laws on child labor were put in place. His mother was convinced that he had a good singing voice, and by working in the factory he could earn money to pay for music lessons. His first music teacher, however, told him he did not have what it takes to be a musician, and it would be a waste of time and money to pursue the idea any further. The boy’s mother, a poor peasant woman was not so easily put off. She encouraged her son, she told him that she believed he had talent, and she even went bare-footed, rather than buy shoes, so as to save money for his music lessons. Her trust and sacrifices bore fruit, and her son, Enrico Caruso, became one of the world’s greatest tenors ever. Keep going and don’t leave before the miracle happens! The miracle happens for those who show God that they are serious about what they are seeking.

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The Enemy Within

The Great Wall of China is one of the wonders of the world. It is said to be the only man made structure on earth that can be seen from the moon. The cost and the effort that went into building it just boggles the mind.When it was finished, the people relaxed. They knew they were safe. Nobody could possibly attack them now. It was impossible to either climb over or penetrate their superb protecting wall, behind which they were safe.But their enemies got through easily. How? They simply bribed one of the gatekeepers! He opened the gate and they came through unhindered.So much for the best laid plans of men! The problem is, there is something of an “enemy within” in all of us. 

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House on Fire

Mulla Nasruddin’s house was on fire, so he ran up to his roof for safety. There he was, precariously perched on the roof, when his friends gathered in the street below holding a stretched out blanket to him and shouting, “Jump, Mullah, jump!”“Oh no, I won’t,” said the Mullah. “I know you fellows. If I jump, you’ll pull the blanket away just to make a fool of me!”“Don’t be silly. Mullah. This isn’t a joke. This is serious. Jump!”“No,” said Nasruddin. “I don’t trust any of you. Lay that blanket on the ground and I’ll jump.” –                                                          – Antony de Mellow Believing or trusting everybody is dangerous; but believing or trusting nobody at any time is extremely dangerous.

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The Sinner

Ten Chinese farmers were working in a field, when suddenly the sky darkened. There was thunder and lightning. It began to rain heavily. The farmers, holding on tightly to their large straw hats, ran for shelter to the ruins of a temple nearby. Lightning flashed again and again and the thunder shook the walls of the temple.“The gods are angry with us,” said one of the men, his voice shaking in fear. “Why?” asked another.“Obviously, there’s a big sinner amongst us!” a third voice said with apparent panic. “We must find him and throw him out, lest we all perish!” “I have an idea,” said one. “Let us all hold our hats outside the window. Let the gods show us the sinner.”So they all thrust their hats outside the window. Immediately a lightning cracked and instantaneously one of the hats was reduced to ashes. The owner of the hat was a quite, middle-aged man who had not uttered a word till then. Now he began to plead with his companions to protect him.“I’ve a wife and three children and aged parents to support,” he said. “What will happen to them if I die?” But the others were merciless.“Out, out with you!” they shouted and lifting him, they threw him out of the temple. The man scrambled to his feet and ran as fast as he could to the shelter of a tree some distance away. Hardly had he reached the tree, when a lightning struck the temple, which collapsed, killing all nine men inside.Till then they had been protected by the presence of the only good man amongst them. God alone knows how often we are spared due to the goodness of others, whom we make scapegoats.

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