Ashram for Sale

By Admin on 09-06-2008

It took three days for the Guruji and his two disciples to construct a small
hut in the forest beside the village, far away from the old Ashram. 

However, the
Guruji did not tell them the reason for his moving into this new hut. That
evening one of his disciples asked him why such a quick change. He replied that
the previous Ashram was sold for Rupees ten and it is not proper to continue

“Whom did you
sell it to, Guruji?” One of them asked. 

“It was Ashok,
my dear disciple, who sold it to the villagers south of Ganges. He took the
money from the villagers for sharing with them what he learnt from me. This
means that he has sold me and my Ashram,” the Guruji said.

“Is it so bad to
receive a pay from others?” asked one of them. 

“Sure! Knowledge
should never be sold because it is a free gift from God. It can neither be
acquired by force because it is something that comes to the enthusiastic at the
most appropriate time. Receiving some sort of energy in exchange is but good,
if it is not compelled or plotted. Energy here means anything that one offers
as mark of one’s willingness to receive. The one who feels an urge to
disseminate knowledge and make money out of it cannot even be an ‘upaguru
(sub-master). He barters knowledge with money. Nobody can forcefully push
knowledge and awareness into something. An ant knows where sugar is and it will
reach it, from anywhere; so is the right disciple. This is the heart of Indian
teachings.” Guruji briefed.

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