The Ultimate Yogi

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An ideal Indian
Yogi, who never charged anything for whatever he gave. Instead of finding
excuses for a bill, like those in the New Age, he strictly followed the great
Indian teaching of being a tool of the Ultimate. This is simply the reason why
Indian Thoughts also insists on free service.

His Holiness Dr. Sri Swami Rama represent only aspects of a
magnificent diamond. He was a Yogi, Scientist, Philosopher, Teacher, Writer and
Musician. Throughout his entire life, whether with individual students or
entire communities, Swamiji gave without expecting anything in return. Having
reached the heights of spiritual enlightenment, he strived with seemingly
endless energy to attain perfection in his actions in the external world.

Swamiji was raised
from early childhood by his master, a great yogi and saint of Bengal, who lived
in the foothills of the Himalayas and was known as Bengali Baba, or simply
Babaji. He was sent by his master to study all the traditions of the Himalayan
Sages from the various masters of these traditions in the traditional
monasteries of the Himalayas.

When he was 21 years he
also said that  “…Every breath of my life was enriched with spiritual
experiences which may be difficult for many others to comprehend….” In
1949, at the young age of twenty-four years he became Shankaracharya of
Karvirpitham in South India. He renounced the dignity and prestige of this high
office in 1952 to return to the Himalayas to intensify his meditative practices
in the monasteries. Swamiji first and
foremost considered himself a scientist. His science was the inner science of
body, mind and spirit. He saw himself as the laboratory and constantly
experimented with the practices and techniques of all of yoga science. He never
asked anyone to believe, but to experiment and discover for themselves.

In 1969 Swamiji went
to the United States at the instruction of his Master to scientifically verify
the ancient teachings. Invited by Dr. Elmer Green of the Menninger Foundation,
he was subjected in a research project investigating the voluntary control of
involuntary states. He participated in experiments that helped to revolutionize
scientific thinking about the relationship between body and mind, demonstrating
precise conscious control of autonomic physical responses and mental
functioning previously thought to be impossible.

Swamiji gave every
evidence of being in deep sleep. However, he was able to accurately recall
everything that had transpired in the room during that period, demonstrating
that while he was in deep sleep, he was also fully conscious of what was going
on in the room at the time. The technique he utilized is called yoga

        In recognition of his selfless
service in India and the United States, as well as around the world, Swamiji
has received numerous awards and honors. In 1970 Swamiji founded the Himalayan
International Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy. Over the years, he
trained a professional staff of physicians, nurses, psychologists, and
philosophers, who in turn provided research, graduate study, and education in
yoga science and philosophy. In 1988 he returned to India to build a hospital,
medical and nursing school in Northern India.

Swami Rama authored
dozens of books, each a jewel of wisdom. His writing was simple and direct,
with his words and phrases carefully and systematically chosen to create the
right effect. Unfortunately and sadly, some of Swamiji’s books have been edited
and changed by the new Himalayan Institute, from which Swamiji completely
terminated his relationship with before leaving his body in 1996. 

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