The Puzzzle of Time

By Acharya Sachidananda on 08-01-2016

Atma Prakash
utilized his time very well. The interactive sessions with the Baba every
Thursday and his discussions with Mataji now and then were really enriching.
They were ‘eye openers’ for him. He read widely on the related subjects.

Mataji also took
keen interest in his growth and studies. She often discussed ecological and
environmental issues with him whenever he went to help her in the kitchen. He
was very much impressed by her knowledge of various subjects and books. She was
also trying to develop an integral spirituality, which she has termed
‘Eco-spirituality’. ‘It is a spirituality wherein ecology and spirituality are
integrated’, she had told him.

Atma Prakash felt
that days and weeks were flying real fast for him.

‘Guruji, the time seems
to be moving very fast for me these days.’ He told the Baba one day.

‘The passage of
time is a relative experience, my son. When we are happy time moves very fast
for us. Months and days will appear like just hours and minutes. When we are
sick, unhappy or troubled, time moves very slow. Hours and minutes will appear
like months and days.’ The Baba told him.

‘Everything in
life, in a way, will depend on our inner state. What we see, depends on where
we stand. ‘A jaundiced man sees everything yellow’ is an old dictum. I had read
somewhere a very interesting story about the manner in which Dr. Albert
Einstein had explained his Theory of Relativity to a group of simple women’ the
Baba added.

‘A group of simple
women asked Albert Einstein what was this ‘Theory of Relativity’ that made him
so famous, and about which there was so much discussion all over the world…

‘In response,
Einstein asked the youngest of them where her husband worked and how many days
did he come home. She told him that her husband worked in a city far from home
and he came home only on weekends for two days….

‘How do you feel
when he is at home for two days with you on weekends?’ was his next question…

‘I feel it is just
like two hours. Time flies very fast’… she said…

‘But, madam,
suppose you are sitting on a hot stove for two hours, how will you feel?’ he
asked her.

‘Two hours!… On a
hot stove! Who can sit on a hot stove for two hours?’.. she asked back…

‘Well,.. madam,
two days with your beloved husband feels like two hours.. Two hours on a hot
stove will be unimaginably long…This is ‘Theory of Relativity’, madam’. He told

‘The ladies now
understood the ‘Theory of Relativity’ very well… ‘It is so simple!’ one of them

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