The Old Wish

By Admin on 11-04-2016

There was a sickly young girl who always seemed to be at death's door. Her neighbour was a widow, bent with age. Whenever she caught sight of the girl she would shake her head sadly and say: “Oh God, why do you torment that poor child…if you want a life, take this old woman!”One evening a bull in the village, put its head into a large black pot to get at some grain at the bottom, and then couldn't get its head out. Frightened and confused, it ran hither and thither, unable to see where it was going because its’ eyes were covered by the pot.Meanwhile, the old woman we mentioned above, was visiting her neighbour. She came out and as usual began shaking her head and saying that if God wanted a life he should take hers. Suddenly she became aware that a powerfully-built beast, apparently headless, was rushing at her.”Yama (the lord of death, according to Hindu Mythology has buffalo for his transport) has come for me!” she thought and was filled with terror. “Mercy, my Lord, mercy!” she screeched, falling to her knees in front of the advancing bull. “Spare me. There's a sickly girl next door. Take her instead!” It requires heroic courage to offer one’s own life for the sake of someone else. But doing so is not so easily accomplished.

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