The Fate of Death

By Admin on 25-05-2010

Solomon's servant came breathlessly into the court, “Please! Let me borrow
your fastest horse!” he said to the King. “I must be in a town ten
miles south of here by nightfall!”

asked King Solomon.

said his shuddering servant, “I just met Death in the garden! Death looked
me in the face! I know for certain I'm to be taken and I don't want to be
around when Death comes to claim me!”

well,” said King Solomon. “My fastest horse has hoofs like wings.
Take him.” Then Solomon walked into the garden. He saw Death sitting there
with a perplexed look on its face. “What's wrong?” asked King

replied, “Tonight I'm supposed to claim the life of your servant whom I
just now saw in your garden. But I'm supposed to claim him in a town ten miles
south of here! Unless he had a horse with hooves like wings, I don't see how he
could get there by nightfall . . .” 

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