The Essence

By Acharya Sachidananda on 15-07-2016

The Baba replied: ‘Truth is that which is eternal and changeless, and that which has an existence in itself…..‘The ‘Ultimate Truth’ is the Supreme Spirit, ‘Paramatman’,.. within which divine light and the divine love exist. The ‘Highest Truth’ is divine love experienced as ‘Satchitananda’ as we have already seen. The ‘Essential Truth’ is divine light, the living Spirit of Christ, the ‘Sadguru’. The Essential Truth is all that we need for a fruitful life of love, peace and joy. This is what Sadguru Jesus Christ offers to us…‘Hence, we can say that the Ultimate Truth is a Spirit-Light-Love trinity; a Paramatman-Satchitananda-Sadguru trinity…..‘Light is ‘wisdom’, the perceptible aspect of this Trinitarian Truth; and love is its experiential aspect. Hence, we can also say that light and love are two sides of the Ultimate Truth. Truth alone survives in the end. ‘Satyameva Jayate’ is India’s National Motto……‘As love is the experiential dimension of the Ultimate Truth beyond all time and space limitations, love can also be taken as Truth. That is why it is said by many saints and sages that ‘God is love’..‘As we have already seen, God is experienced as love infinite. Hence, it is sufficient to take the path of love as the path of Truth. True love is divine love that is ever forgiving, enduring and self-giving. This true love is the real experiential aspect of God as revealed by Sadguru Jesus Christ…..‘Understand the Truth, my son, and the Truth will set you free. The Supreme Spirit wills itself into Pure Consciousness, the Primordial Word, the divine light, which is the source of all wisdom and ground of all existence. The Supreme Spirit also expresses itself as divine love, the Creative Power, that brings forth diverse forms of matter, life and being in, with and through the Pure Consciousness. The divine light and the divine love exist in the Supreme Spirit and because of the Supreme Spirit….‘The Supreme Spirit with the divine light and divine love is also present in the Sadguru who dwells within every human heart. This living Spirit of Christ, the ‘Son’ of God the Supreme Spirit, found its best and perfect historical expression in Jesus of Nazareth the Christ…‘Hence, we can worship God, best by surrendering our personal spirits, our individual souls, to the Supreme Spirit at all times in all things by following the path of loving self-surrender as taught and demonstrated to the world by Sadguru Jesus Christ….‘The Holy Spirit of God will ever guide us in this quest for the ultimate meaning and purpose of our human life if we sincerely adhere to the path of light and love. This is the Truth and the path of Truth, my son.’ … The Baba stopped and looked into the eyes of Atma Prakash.

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Acharya Sachidananda Bharathi

Swami Sachidananda Bharathi is an Indian Air Force officer turned spiritual guide and an apostle of peace and love. He is the patron of 'Indian Thoughts'. He represented India in the 'Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders' held under UNO, in 2000. He has founded Dharma Bharathi Mission.