The All seeing Blind

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   Sant Surdas was born blind to poor parents but helped many
see their rich spiritual heritage. He is one among the most remembered saints
of India. He was a victim of neglect and abuses almost all his life. He left
home at the tender age of six. The greatest of Blessings in his life was that
he got Sri Vallabhacharya, the great exponent of Shuddadvaita, for Master. It
was from him that he learned the philosophy of Hinduism. He is said to have
memorized the entire Srimad Bhagavata and many other Sanskrit hymns.

 His portrayal of Lord Krishna’s childhood, in such vivid
detail is so unique that he has not been equaled by not even Kalidasa, the
great Indian mystic writer. It is one of the marvels in the realms of
literature how a blind poet could portray in such meticulous and colorful
detail the childhood of Krishna, stage by stage. Surdas songs on Krishna are
sung even to this day, in hundreds of homes, by mothers who see child Krishna
in their own children. Love that was denied to him is seen being showered on
Bala Gopala (Little Krishna)

His work consists primarily of three major compilations,
the Sur-Saravali, the Sahitya-Lahiri and the Sur-Sagar. The Saravali is
supposed to have originally one hundred thousand verses but many have been lost
forever. It is based on the analogy of the Holi festival, by far the most
popular of the festivals of the time, and always associated with Krishna as
part of his Divine Play. Apart from being great narrative poetry they are also
significant sources of information about the past.

The Sahitya-Lahiri is supposedly a treatise of various
forms of poetical composition, dealing primarily with Bhakti (devotion). The
Sur-Sagar is his masterpiece, the 'Oceanic work' as its name indicates and remains
the most influential and important of all his works. It deals with the life of
Krishna in detail. His fame was wide spread though he never left his native
land, even the Mughal emperor Akbar paid homage to him. 

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